Meredith Marty-Dugas has previously served as Poetry editor at Soliloquies and Creative Writing editor at Spectra. She spent the summer up north working for Yukon Learn, a non-profit for adults with low literacy. A student of English and Creative Writing, her poetry appears in Subversions: A Journal of Feminist Queries, among others. She firmly believes #twinning #twins should be reserved for those who are, in fact, actually twins.



Jake Byrne studies creative writing at Concordia University, where he was the 2016 recipient of the Irving Layton Award for Poetry. In 2015, he volunteered for Lemon Hound as an editorial assistant. His work has appeared in The Puritan, and is forthcoming in Lambda Literary's Poetry Spotlight series. 

Managing Editor

Montreal born and raised, Ted Elliot is pursuing a degree in English Literature at Concordia University. His poetry has appeared in (parenthetical) and The Blasted Tree. His poems start out mostly as scribbles in worn notebooks. He rests his bones in Notre-Dame-de-Grace.


Artistic Director & Poetry Editor

Ali Pinkney is a writer (Tampion 2014) and baccalaureate candidate (Hons. English & Creative Writing) at Concordia University (2010–2017). Her six years of academic workshop and involvement in the Montréal literary scene, and her post as Poetry Editor at Soliloquies Anthology 2012–2013 inform her post as Poetry Editor at Soliloquies Anthology 2016–2017. 


Social Media Editor

Tyra Baltram is a 4th year student at Concordia University, pursuing a degree in English and Professional Writing. An aspiring editor, she hopes to one day help others publish their novels. Tyra has been working as a freelance editor for the past few months, but hopes to have an established position in the editorial world after graduating from university. Because of her experience in using social media as an effective platform for advertisement, Tyra is the social media editor for Soliloquies Anthology and fully embraces this new medium of communication. 


Online Content Editors

Charles Gonsalves has just begun their first full-time year of what will be a double major in Western Society & Culture and English Literature. They spend their spare time regretting that they have spare time and their occupied time planning permanent vacations to wherever there isn't such a thing. In the meantime, Charles is way blissed-out to be generating and editing Soliloquies' web content this year. Talk to them about Caribbean poetry, please.



Oliver Skinner is a student in the English department at Concordia University. In the past his writing has appeared online at Indiewire, CBC Arts, MUBI and more. His favourite piece of art is the movie Titanic. 


Poetry Editors

Adrian Ngai—wry, sprightly, is, for the moment, a student of English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University. As well as Montreal, he's lived in San Francisco and has studied at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Today he's sung a song in the shower. Constantly he is digesting carbs.




Annah-Lauren Bloom is from Long Island, New York. She is in her third year at Concordia where she is taking a double major in English and Sociology. Her work has been featured in Tender Journal, Soliloquies Anthology, and Headlight Anthology.


Julia Weber is a human of Montreal who really, really likes poetry. She is completing her degree at Concordia’s Liberal Arts College and is delighted to be on the editing team for Soliloquies. Proud moments in her recent past include her semester abroad in Cork, Ireland and having her poetry published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality. Julia works in summer camp: a career choice that has allowed her to travel Canada and Italy and hang out with the coolest of kids. 


Prose Editors

Gabby Vachon is studying Hons. English Literature with a minor in Political Science. Born and raised in Montreal in a French Canadian household, she learned to read and speak English through reading Anne of Green Gables and Archie Comics. Her non-fiction editorial work and creative writing has been published in magazines, blogs, and non-profit websites like ANEB Quebec, Adios Barbie, Bitch Magazine and many more. Her other passions include makeup artistry, corgis and entertaining her husband Justin with her dance moves.



Zaynab Solange is a Communication Studies undergraduate student on paper as well as a lyricist, stage performer and sound artist in motion. Le Shindig offered her first dive into the editorial craft and her skills have developed swimmingly ever since*. Her creative vision across media is lead with a penchant for radical voices of all kinds that shout and even whisper "Power to the People." According to several passing strangers, her aura is of a purple-hued sapphire.


Sarah MacKenzie is currently enjoying her third year of Concordia’s Creative Writing program, where she continues to fall deeper and deeper into a pit and fit of prose writing.  She was the 2016 recipient of Concordia’s Irvine Layton award in fiction, and her work has been published in The Stoneslide Corrective. She’s GTA suburban born and raised, but ripe to marry Montreal soon; in the meantime she will relish all of the stories and sweet reads submitted to Soliloquies.