Dylan Riley in Conversation with Frankie Barnet [Audio]

So, this has been a little while in the making. It’s the first of a series I’m calling The Audio Files. It’s going to have Soliloquies contributors and maybe other Montreal readers reading their work, and then talking with them a bit afterwards.

The first person up is Frankie Barnet, and she’s reading her story “Décarie” out of issue fifteen.

I first read this story a few months ago, on the way on the way home from the launch of the same issue. Frankie read that night, and I’d heard her read once before, but nothing of this length. I had a wait before the last metro came, so I started in. As I read it everything hit me at once; the quick prose and real characters, the humour of it, and this sort of sadness, loneliness, that carries through the whole piece. I finished it right as I got to my stop (Frontenac at the time), and as I walked to my place I kept thinking: ‘this is the writing I want to be reading.’ I’ve been wanting to record it since.

And a note on the audio. As you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly, I don’t really know what I’m doing. So much so that I actually recorded this in a hallway on the tenth floor of the library. You’ll have to deal with elevator’s beeping, doors shutting, papers rustling, people coughing. Along with a bit of choppy editing.

But bear with me – the story’s worth it.