Dylan Riley in Conversation with Ali Pinkney [Audio]

When I talked to Ali for a pre-interview interview, she was full of good stories. Like how her grandparents immigrated to Canada from Finland fifty years ago when her grandmother got pregnant, and how they still can’t really speak English. Then about her parents, her older sister, and a 960 dollar dry cleaning bill she got recently. I tried to write everything down, and had the idea that the whole thing would sort of be about family.

The second time around, when things were actually being recorded, the whole thing felt a bit forced. Like you can’t really have the same conversation twice. But the good news is that Ali seems to be just interesting all the time, and she’s got lots of thing to talk about. So much so that it was hard to pare it into a short interview.

Of the five poems Ali’s going to be reading, "In Very Mountainous Country" and "Hot'n'Heavy" are featured in issue 16.1 of Soliloquies. Also, the poems, "Equal Opportunities" (in twoparts) and "In Very Mountainous Country" are set into visual collages that that Ali has put together.

More good news is that Ali’s an excellent reader. Theatrical in the best sense. It’s funny, but I always seem to forget just how important that is.