Flash Fiction: This is how we love.

Every two weeks writers have the chance to take part in Soliloquies Anthology’s Flash Fiction contest. We publish a new writing prompt as a starting point, and you write a story in 300 words or less. 

This is how we love

Even if tuned properly, love still echoes chaos. So you smash the instrument and hum instead. Though it is no Mozart or soulful jazz, it brings you meters farther from the ledge. A simple tune that can spark an everlasting warmth in the bottom of your belly, with resemblance to tea and warm milk. It needs nothing to be added, only a cup of yourself and a harmony in mind.

You won't jump up and down with a series of intoxicating feelings and dance with every cell in your body tingling. But without that kind of feeling there is no fever. That fever that burns you until you're cold, and scares you from hope.

There will be no rushing river filled with diverse apparatuses of music. Each crashing into the rocks with such a forceful natural beauty, each speck of white water freeing your soul. Instead a calm lake that you will be able to swim in for hours. With your only fear being of the fish brushing your legs as you kick and grab yourself forward, heading nowhere.

The springs from the new mattress will creak like an empty attic that only holds things you think you may need. Like your baby clothes, an old rocking chair and a spot for outgrown bikes and skies. They creak three times a week with a rhythm that is soothing but far from electric.

You were 35 and he was there, helping you with your old mattress to the curve. It wasn't what you wanted and far from what you really needed, but your mind said otherwise and you invite him to spend the night on the first night. Desperation leaked from you and your single twin sized bed.

But the morning after, when you woke with him by your side and your new mattress giving you the space and the comfort you both needed, you got up and walked to the kitchen to make breakfast, humming all the way.

Destiny Rogantini can count by twos and tie her shoes. She also hates early mornings.

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