Flash Fiction: Untitled (or, The Importance of Matching)

Every two weeks writers have the chance to take part in Soliloquies Anthology’s Flash Fiction contest. We publish a new single-word writing prompt as a starting point, and you write a story in 300 words or less. This winning story uses the prompt matches

Untitled (or, The Importance of Matching)

George liked to match—his underwear to his shirt, his belt to his shoes—matching made him happy in his heart. But George’s heart had a little patch of melancholy, for his heart lacked a mate. All George desired was to meet his perfect match: a partner to warm his lonely nights.

It was Tuesday night when George donned his football kit* (his favourite thing to wear as everything went together so perfectly) and set off for his weekly match. George loved to play; it warmed his soul, but still he always went home alone. Except for this day, when in the crowd he spotted the most exquisite thing: burnt orange in shade, it was a perfect complement to his navy and burgundy strip*. Cassandra’s autumnal glow drew George in and soon the two were wed.

George and Cassandra, perfectly matched, settled down within his well-matched house. Finally his heart complete, no longer plagued with melancholy, George struck his head and lit her wick and the two flamed and melted and burnt and charred together until, melded together, their flames burnt no more.

*kit and strip are British words for sports uniforms

Kate Potter likes to match. She is a medical student in London, England and enjoys chocolate milk, the colour purple and knitting.

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