My mother is driving me home from Christmas. For the first time, I think to ask her if she was a virgin when she got married. And I am 24 and truly shocked. I am thinking about being a child between the ages of 4 and 9, watching my parents' wedding ceremony on VHS, I am thinking about "getting married" at 19 because we wanted to move in, and I am thinking about avoiding the conversation about the white dress altogether by buying a blue and yellow dress. I am thinking about being 21 and my mother asking how many abortions I've had. And still, lately, I am thinking about having children.


Lizzie Derksen is a writer from the Canadian prairies. She lives on 118 Ave in Edmonton, Alberta with her partner Dylan and Simpkin the cat. She's working on a collection of short stories tentatively titled Modular, which will double as the portfolio by which she hopes to win the affections of at least one MFA program's admissions committee. She's also moving into the editing stage in the production of Build God, a short film funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and shot in Saskatchewan in August 2016. She's also pouring beer at The Empress.